Laura de la Houssaye
Dyslexia Specialist

   One in five children in the U.S. struggle with reading, spelling, and writing. These are bright children who read slowly and make lots of guesses and mistakes. They misspell even the most commonly used words and might be able to learn spelling words only to forget them the following week. School reading programs and resource rooms are likely not benefiting these students.

Some adults also find that their literacy skills are an obstacle in daily life or in obtaining career goals. These are adults who have compensated for their weaknesses all their lives but have the potential to learn and do so much more.


Literacy Matters works with clients of various ages and backgrounds. Using an intense, focused reading and spelling system with an individualized touch, we can overcome the challenges.


Literacy is an integral part of our lives and what we truly need to be empowered and successful.   

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