Literacy Matters provides initial consultation for individuals and their families if a language-based learning disorder or dyslexia is suspected.   In most cases, this can be achieved with a phone call and then next steps determined -  most likely screening or diagnostic testing. 

Before starting the screening process, clients will be asked to watch Susan Barton's video, Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions. This information is necessary before the next steps, which is to conduct an in-depth interview and review educational documentation. Literacy Matters will then use a range of testing and screening tools to identify dyslexia with certainty and show the degree of severity.  This is not a diagnosis. (see Resources for more information on diagnosis)

Individuals who have already been evaluated may be ready to begin intervention and are looking for a specialist to best fit their needs.  This will require a phone conversation to exchange detailed information and Literacy Matters can provide guidance for alternate service providers if needed.  Finally, an in-office meeting would take place before beginning intervention.  



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