Tablet Screen Showing Barton Session in Progress

Literacy Matters works privately, in a one-to-one setting with individuals starting at age five.  Although “tutoring” is the common word used to describe the work of a dyslexia specialist, the service provided is intensive intervention.   This is not merely guiding a student through reading or assisting with schoolwork.


Each student will begin at the one sound level and progress through a highly structured, multisensory program of explicitly taught spelling and reading strategies.  Each session is 50 minutes and students must attend a minimum of two times per week.  Attending more than twice per week can dramatically increase the rate of progress and this is encouraged.


Literacy Matters tutors students using the Barton Reading and Spelling System®,  an Orton-Gillingham -influenced program. Barton is research and evidence-based and developed specifically for individuals with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Additionally, students struggling with weak phonological processing begin treatment using the LiPS®* Program before starting Barton.

Phonological Processing Exercise with a Student in Level 4.  (click image to play video)

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