Laura de la Houssaye


I earned my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education at the University of Arizona in 1993 and have since taught children and adults in numerous settings throughout the years.  I started as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher in Tucson before moving to the Pacific Northwest.  Soon after, I started working in a private reading clinic where I experienced the joys of helping struggling readers overcome obstacles that had seemed to them insurmountable.  I witnessed how a single method of teaching had such a positive and dramatic impact on the life of a child, an adult student, or a family.   This was a powerful experience. I was pretty sure I’d never go back to classroom teaching.

Literacy Matters

I never did return to the classroom.  Once my own children reached the ages of 10 and 12, I went back to work, again using the LiPS® and Visualizing and Verbalizing® programs* to tutor children ages 6 through 13 in a Portland public school.  I came across the Barton Reading and Spelling System® during my quest to make a full-time career as a dyslexia specialist.  With training, certification, amazing clients, and time, I was able to make my dream of private practice come true. With Literacy Matters, I now have an immensely rewarding career -  improving the lives of others by helping them achieve their full potential.

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